Situation Critical 14/07/12 — 28/07/12

Open­ing Sat 14 July, 11am — 1pm

At once hyper­alert and calmly atten­tive in our con­sid­er­a­tion of the urban envi­ron­ment we each nego­ti­ate a route delin­eat­ing the para­me­ters of our pres­ence in social/local/virtual/temporal space. Like hot neu­trons con­found­ing mis­aligned con­trol rods, like errant radionu­clides set­tling on sway­ing anemones, like beta par­ti­cles spi­ralling up cloud and bub­ble cham­bers. Like gamma ray crys­tal­log­ra­phy, like a Guy Debor­dian psy­cho­geog­ra­phy the pieces of Sit­u­a­tion Crit­i­cal resolve for an instant to cast a super­lu­mi­nal blue glow over the stric­tures of social con­trol and red shift our men­tal maps for eas­ier assim­i­la­tion. You are here, amongst the traders of lost and found glyphs and objects in the duty free bazaar adjunct to this dis­lo­cated star­ship land­ing pad.

Sculp­tural instal­la­tion fea­tur­ing ZAP Alex Gereg, Derek Doer Carter, Michael Petchkovsky, Renee Faleez and Alex Wisser

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