Echoes of Unknown Thought 30/11/11 to 17/12/11

Open­ing Wed, Nov 30 6-8pm

Dan Stocks’ exhi­bi­tion of orig­i­nal pho­tog­ra­phy of obscure tech­nolo­gies, mostly declas­si­fied mil­i­tary devices, is a trib­ute to the grace­ful intel­li­gence invested in the design of these obscure objects.

Every tech­no­log­i­cal object is the echo of thought made man­i­fest in mat­ter. Often a sub­tle under­stand­ing of com­plex processes is involved, enabling a par­tic­u­lar func­tion. These objects, embod­i­ments of thought and under­stand­ing, often exist beyond the realm of com­mon expe­ri­ence, obscured either by the com­plex­ity of their nature, or con­cealed as mil­i­tary or indus­trial secrets. While such things may be the prod­uct of cre­ative intel­li­gence and under­stand­ing, yet the cre­ator is unac­knowl­edged, anony­mous. Echoes of Unknown Thought is a visual text­book, a doc­u­men­ta­tion and a trib­ute to var­i­ous devices, reflec­tions of the thoughts of past cre­ators, mostly unknown.”

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