Palimpsest & Bloodsilk: Transmission

Colour and tex­ture are the cor­ner­stones of Rowan E. Robertson’s work, often employed through the build­ing up of many lay­ers. One can wit­ness a sense of his­tory when view­ing his work — stretch­ing out like an ances­tral time-line allow­ing the fin­ished work to be a sum of its parts and experiences.

“Lay­ers upon lay­ers meld together. Sin­gle pieces — expe­ri­ences and events — fuse to form the final com­pos­ite of one’s self. In my work the edge of one colour can be seen com­ing from behind another or an under­ly­ing tex­ture influ­enc­ing another, much like how the past events of our lives influ­ence present and future ones. We are the sum of all our experiences.”


Rotat­ing through the Index project Space will be a weekly spe­cial of a pack­age of traces of video by Fiona Davies. Chang­ing on a Thurs­day, the videos will be ephemeral both in con­tent and lifes­pan. The Blood on Silk project pairs the seem­ingly unre­lated. In this exhi­bi­tion Davies inves­ti­gates the over­lay of seem­ingly unre­lated points of tran­si­tion by address­ing the modes of trans­mis­sion con­nect­ing the older silk trad­ing routes with the newer routes for bio-products includ­ing blood. The video traces are beau­ti­ful but also pin­point the harder edged issues of trade and glob­al­i­sa­tion, the issues which return like specters again and again from the past to inform the present.

Blood on Silk is a three year cross dis­ci­pli­nary col­lab­o­ra­tion between Dr Peter Domachuk, ARC Post­doc­toral fel­low, School of Physics, Uni­ver­sity of Syd­ney, Dr Lee Anne Hall, UTS, a writer, cul­tural the­o­rist and museum stud­ies expert and a visual artist, Fiona Davies.

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