Pirate Utopias 28 September — 8 October

Curated by Josh Harle
28th Sep­tem­ber — 8th Octo­ber
Open­ing night Wednes­day 28th Octo­ber 6-8pm

Four artists play hide-and-seek in a land­scape of over­grown ruins and labyrinthine alley­ways, well-worn flag­stones and reg­i­mented streets.  If you step qui­etly you might get close — round­ing a cor­ner to find a trace of their recent pres­ence, the seat still warm.
Kylie Ban­yard, Josh Harle, Peter Nel­son, and Melody Williams share an explo­ration of Place and Space.  Through their var­i­ous prac­tices they inves­ti­gate the myths of car­tog­ra­phy, chal­lenge assump­tions of urban plan­ning, rem­i­nisce on poetic spaces, and build unlikely Utopias.  Works res­onate with the influ­ence of Archi­tec­ture, Phi­los­o­phy, Sculp­ture, and Star Craft.

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