melanie e khava untitled: (16/49. the process of selection) 9–23 july

9–23 july 2011

Melanie E. Khava’s solo exhi­bi­tion “unti­tled: 16/49. process of selec­tion”  involved lay­ing a large selec­tion of art­work (made over a  nine year period) in rows on the floor of the project space at INDEX. Through­out a two week period, the artist and INDEX. direc­tors George Pol­lard and Alex Wisser  ‘toured’ the work, dis­cussing, arrang­ing, and select­ing mate­r­ial in an effort to syn­the­size a uni­fied exhi­bi­tion from the result of Melanie’s pro­lific and var­ie­gated prac­tice.  Dur­ing this time, INDEX. was open to the pub­lic to wit­ness, but also con­tribute to the dia­logue around the work that resulted in a for­mally hung exhi­bi­tion opened on July 16.  This exhi­bi­tion was not only an explo­ration into the fas­ci­nat­ing work of this artist, it was also an exper­i­ment in exhi­bi­tion prac­tice, expos­ing the nor­mally closed door activ­ity to include the audi­ence in the process of curation.

The essay accom­pa­ny­ing this exhi­bi­tion can be found here

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