Live in Your Art — Margaret Roberts and “Grotto” — Lesley Giovanelli

Live in Your Art — Mar­garet Roberts

This work is an engage­ment with the rela­tion­ship between the ‘abstract’ space cre­ated by art­work and the lit­eral space in which it is located.  Mar­garet explores the dual nature of the space of INDEX. by acknowl­edg­ing the fact that it is both an art space and a liv­ing space, repro­duc­ing forms found in the space and engag­ing the art­work with the fur­ni­ture that would have oth­er­wise been a dis­trac­tion from it.

“Grotto” — Les­ley Giovanelli

Grotto explores the rela­tion­ship between color, sub­stance and space, cre­at­ing in three dimen­sions klee like pat­terns made from painted syn­thetic gauze like mate­r­ial applied over basic archi­tec­tural forms.  Per­cep­tion of space and the expe­ri­ence of color rela­tion­ships are brought to play against one another through the appli­ca­tion of two dimen­sional pat­tern­ing onto the sur­face planes of the three dimen­sional objects.  The entire work is again com­pli­cated by the ephemeral and insub­stan­tial qual­ity of the gauze — ren­der­ing its real­ity uncertain.


Mar­garet Roberts took up res­i­dency at INDEX. and spent a good part of yes­ter­day con­sid­er­ing our floor and   our walls.    There is some­thing reas­sur­ing about it, hav­ing a space spe­cial­ist (a spa­cial­ist)  con­tem­plate the dimen­sions, prob­lems and advan­tages of the space we oth­er­wise inhabit in rel­a­tive igno­rance and dis­tracted uncon­cern.  As we scur­ried around chas­ing the details of our busy lives, always, in the back­ground, either stand­ing or sit­ting or walk­ing around, was the fig­ure of Mar­garet Roberts, qui­etly at work sketch­ing in black tape on the con­crete floor the dia­grams of her thought.  Her pres­ence was like some­thing that is avail­able only from the cor­ner of your eye.

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